One Woman Took A Year Off Marriage- What Did She Learn From Dating While Separated?

Many of my clients have asked me this question: is there anything wrong with dating while separated? Robin Rinaldi did just that. She took a break off marriage for 1 year and made a pact with her husband. They even agreed that they could have sex with others during the 1 year-period. Rinaldi wrote a … Read more

Does Seeing Strippers at Bachelor’s Party Constitute Emotional Cheating?

A man told his girlfriend that he saw strippers at a bachelor’s party. He wanted to be transparent and honest. After he informed his girlfriend, she thinks that his friends and he are “disgusting people”. She refused to be touched by him and did not want to look at him. The man went on Reddit … Read more

Confessions of Those Who Cheated on Christmas Day- Survey Conducted by Non- Singapore Adultery Website

It is the 11th day of Christmas today. 11 days ago, most people would have spent Christmas with their family and friends. However, according to a non- Singapore adultery website, hundreds of married people get onto the website to browse and message others. Some even met up with those they found online. The non- Singapore … Read more

My Husband Cheated On Me With Sugar Baby

From my experience as a divorce lawyer in Singapore, adultery often spells the end of a marriage. Even the most gracious spouse finds it hard to deal with the betrayal. When my female clients come to me saying “my husband cheated on me”, I know the possibility of saving the marriage is slim. However, a … Read more

Life After Divorce in Singapore

What is life after divorce in Singapore like? According to a study on divorce in Singapore, sadness is the top negative feeling for divorcees in Singapore, even more than 6 months after the divorce. Dr Jessica Leong interviewed 19 respondents in 2011 and 2012. All in all, 134 divorcees took party in the study. Other … Read more

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