Divorce Unreasonable Behaviour Time Limit in Singapore

From time to time, I receive questions on divorce unreasonable behaviour time limit. Essentially, my clients want to know if there is a time limit to file their divorce if they intend to rely on the unreasonable behaviour of their spouse. Divorce Unreasonable Behaviour Time Limit Under the Women’s Charter, to rely on the fact … Read more

Meaning of Interim Judgment?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I explain the meaning of Interim Judgment to my clients on a regular basis. Meaning of Interim Judgment Should the Court find sufficient ground for divorce, the Court will grant an interim judgment. Uncontested divorce Singapore If you go through an uncontested divorce, the Court will grant an interim … Read more

Can You Get A Divorce Without Consent Singapore?

Can you get a divorce without consent Singapore? Yes that is possible. On average, more than 7,000 marriages are ended through the process of annulment and divorce every year in Singapore. Statistics show that if one party wants a divorce badly, a divorce without consent Singapore can still be obtained in most cases. A divorce … Read more

Grounds for Divorce Singapore- Are You Eligible For Divorce Singapore?

If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Singapore, you must also be thinking about the grounds for divorce Singapore. Grounds for divorce Singapore How many grounds for divorce Singapore are there? What are the grounds for divorce Singapore? Technically, there is only 1 ground for divorce Singapore and that is “irretrievable breakdown of marriage”. … Read more

Divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter

As a divorce lawyer who handles more than a 150 cases a year, I have had many clients asked me questions about divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter? If you are googling and searching for information on divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter, chances are your marriage is on the rocks. There are many signs that a … Read more

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