Divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter

As a divorce lawyer who handles more than a 150 cases a year, I have had many clients asked me questions about divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter?

If you are googling and searching for information on divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter, chances are your marriage is on the rocks.

There are many signs that a marriage is on the rocks. For instance:

  1. You no longer share your thoughts and struggles with your other half.
  2. A marriage is not about 2 people and family drama can lead to divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter.
  3. You are not thinking similarly as your spouse in terms of money. Speaking from experience, money is a major reason behind many divorces in Singapore.
  4. There is persistent jealousy in the relationship.
  5. Another common reason leading to divorce in Singapore Women’s Charter is differences in raising children. There will be many quarrels if you constantly disagree with your spouse on how to bring up your children.
  6. Lack of communication/ neglect can lead to the breakdown of a relationship. I have seen married couples stopped talking to each other for a long time before finally deciding to call it quits.
  7. Sadly, couples can become “bored” of each other. After all, you know everything about each other and there is little more to look forward to.
  8. Regular and frequent fights lead to the breakdown of any relationship, not just marriage.
  9. There is a third party in the marriage. One may not have strayed physically, but emotional connection with a third party can be as damaging.
  10. You avoid your partner and do not look forward to seeing him/ her.
  11. You try to “fix” your partner, hoping that he/ she will change for the better.
  12. There is domestic abuse in your relationship.
  13. After fights, even if one party apologizes, there is no sincerity.

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