PPO Divorce- What Can Be Done?

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I have had many clients asked me about PPO divorce. PPO divorce is a commonly googled phrase.

What is the relationship between PPO and divorce?

Where there is family violence, or verbal threats of violence against you by your spouse, you can make an application for a personal protection order (PPO). Should your spouse breach the PPO, your spouse may be convicted of a criminal offence and be liable for a fine or imprisonment.

If you wish to file for divorce, you can use the reason of your spouse’s unreasonable behaviour to do so. His/ her physical violence against you supports the fact of unreasonable behaviour.

Case of Afghan woman who had her ears cut off by her husband

BBC recently reported the terrifying case of a 23-year-old Afghan woman who had her ears cut off by her husband!

According to the Zarina, the woman, she had not “committed any sin” and she did not “know why [her] husband did this to her.”

The woman was married at 13 years old and her relationship with her husband was not pleasant. Her husband allegedly refused to allow her to see her parents. He also became suspicious easily and often accused the woman of “talking to strange men”. The woman wants to divorce the husband.

See: “Afghan woman’s ears cut off by husband”, BBC News, 1 February 2017

Of course, the Afghan’s woman’s case is an extreme case.

However, it is important that you do not suffer in silence if you are a victim of domestic violence.

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