Can You Get A Divorce Without Consent Singapore?

Can you get a divorce without consent Singapore?

Yes that is possible.

On average, more than 7,000 marriages are ended through the process of annulment and divorce every year in Singapore.

Statistics show that if one party wants a divorce badly, a divorce without consent Singapore can still be obtained in most cases.

A divorce application was only thrown out in 10 cases from 2011 to 2013. Usually in such cases, the case does not satisfy legal requirements or there is insufficient evidence.

In one case, a former banker filed a divorce without consent Singapore. His wife did not want a divorce. He had claimed that his wife was unreasonable in her behaviour. District Judge Jen Koh, however, agreed that the husband was unable to prove the wife’s unreasonable behaviour as he had “accepted her personality over their years of marriage” since he had moved out and moved back over the years.

See: Rennie Whang, “Court refuses man divorce”, The New Paper, 30 January 2014


The process– divorce without consent Singapore

If your spouse does not agree with the divorce, you could still proceed to file a divorce without consent Singapore.

Most likely, your spouse would then engage a lawyer to file a “defence”.

Most of the time, parties would then proceed to mediation. There are 3 scenarios at mediation:

  1. The spouse who wants a divorce withdraw the application. Parties then return to married life.
  2. The spouse who filed a defence agrees to the divorce. The divorce proceeds. Evidence is not required.
  3. One spouse remains adamant about the divorce while the other refuses to budge.

Should scenario 3 happen, the case would then proceed to trial and the Court will make a decision on whether there is sufficient reason for the divorce to proceed. As mentioned above, only 10 applications to divorce without consent Singapore were thrown out in the span of 3 years. Statistically, the divorce is still likely to proceed, unless the case does not satisfy legal requirements or there is insufficient evidence.

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