Warning Signs of Divorce

When I attend gatherings and friends find out that I am a divorce lawyer, they will be curious about my work. Am I put off by marriage, having witnessed so many divorces (200 to 300 per year)? Some ask me if there are any warning signs of divorce. As a family lawyer in Singapore, I … Read more

Findings by Jessica Leong Singapore on Divorce in Singapore

Dr Jessica Leong Singapore surveyed 134 divorcees, consisting of 45 men and 89 women, in 2011 for her PhD research. The marriage counsellor has counselled couples in difficult marriages for almost 2 decades. Findings of Jessica Leong Singapore- Reasons for Divorce Jessica Leong Singapore found that 25% of the respondents cited adultery as the main … Read more

How Couples Stay Together Forever

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have written extensively on why couples separate/ divorce in Singapore. However, I am not just a divorce lawyer in Singapore. I am a family lawyer in Singapore. Today, I am going to touch on how couples stay together forever. According to self-styled dating guru Mr James Preece, there … Read more

Cause of Divorce in Singapore

What is the main cause of divorce in Singapore? A study by the Ministry of Social and Family Development concluded that those who married in their younger days run a higher risk of divorce. For instance, the divorce rate of men who get married between the age of 20 and 24 is twice that of … Read more

Are You Seeking the Help of a Marriage Counsellor Singapore?

Are you considering marriage counselling Singapore? You are not alone. Marriage counselling in China It was reported earlier that 3.84 million couples in China ended their marriage in 2015. In comparison, 2.87 million couples in China divorced in 2011. While the number of couples filing for divorce in China has increased drastically, the number of … Read more

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