Warning Signs of Divorce

When I attend gatherings and friends find out that I am a divorce lawyer, they will be curious about my work. Am I put off by marriage, having witnessed so many divorces (200 to 300 per year)?

Some ask me if there are any warning signs of divorce.

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I am genuinely interested in marital relationships and family matters. I read extensively on the subject.

The following are some common warning signs of divorce.

  1. You do not feel comfortable opening up to your spouse.
  2. You always quarrel about money.
  3. There is constant jealousy of past relationships, even after you have been married for some time.
  4. You have vastly different ideas in how to raise your children.
  5. You do not communicate. You effectively live separate lives under the same roof.
  6. You are bored in the relationship. There is no spark and romance. The way to solve this may be to organize a romantic getaway or date nights.
  7. You are fighting with each other all the time.
  8. You are thinking about other people all the time- what if you are with them instead.
  9. You avoid each other. This means that you will not communicate and the relationship is more likely to break down. See point 5 above.
  10. You are always trying to “fix” your spouse, hoping that he/ she would change.
  11. There is abuse in the relationship- there is no faster way for a relationship to end.
  12. When you apologize for your mistakes, you are not sincere. Your spouse can feel it.

See: Isadora Baum, “13 subtle clues your relationship is about to end”, Business Insider, 6 April 2017

If you are looking for warning signs of divorce, it is likely that your marriage is in some trouble.

Talk to us today if you want to know what you can (and should) do.

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