Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Many of my clients ask me about the signs of a cheating spouse.

I do not profess to be a marriage guru. Neither am I an expert in catching cheating spouses.

I have, however, read extensively on signs of a cheating spouse. Having done so many divorce cases in my career, I have had many clients tell me about what their spouse did.

Here are some common signs of a cheating spouse:

  1. Your spouse starts dressing better.
  2. Your spouse is always on the phone (and guarding it).
  3. Your spouse protects everything with passwords, especially if your spouse never used to care.
  4. Your spouse takes out new credit cards, with the bills going to another address or delivered online.
  5. Your spouse starts to make hurtful remarks about you.
  6. Your spouse brings up the name of another person rather frequently.
  7. Your spouse talks about how ugly or horrible another person is. This could be a way of covering up his/ her affection for this person.
  8. Your spouse does not want sex.
  9. Your spouse is flirting with other people on social media.

See: Kiri Blakeley, “Cheating Signs: 10 Classic Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating”, Huffpost, 7 May 2013

Are you experiencing any of the above signs of a cheating spouse?

Even if you are, I would advise against reading too much into it. You do not want to jump to the wrong conclusion and end up souring your marriage.

Talk to somebody and your spouse. Find out what is wrong in your marriage. At the same time, learn about your options.

Contact us today if you need help. We are here to assist.

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