Findings by Jessica Leong Singapore on Divorce in Singapore

Dr Jessica Leong Singapore surveyed 134 divorcees, consisting of 45 men and 89 women, in 2011 for her PhD research. The marriage counsellor has counselled couples in difficult marriages for almost 2 decades.

Findings of Jessica Leong Singapore- Reasons for Divorce

Jessica Leong Singapore found that 25% of the respondents cited adultery as the main reason behind their divorce. This also applies to Muslim divorces.

However, when they filed for divorce:

  1. About 50% cited unreasonable behaviour;
  2. 45% cited separation;
  3. 2% cited desertion; and
  4. The rest cited adultery.

This may be because it is expensive to prove adultery. For instance, a private investigator will usually be engaged for surveillance and the investigator may be required to appear in Court.

Findings of Jessica Leong Singapore- Factors contributing to Marital Instability

For the men, nearly 50% said nagging by their partner contributed to their marital instability. On the other hand, only 27% of women said so.

56% of men quoted “loss of love” as a factor while only 38% of women said so.

Dr Jessica Leong Singapore opined that it may be helpful for more public education in marital communication in pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions when people start dating.

In addition, Dr Jessica Leong Singapore also found that many people are still hurt more than 6 months after the divorce, with some losing sleep. Having a support network can help one to adjust to life after divorce.

See: Priscilla Goy, “Why couples here go for divorce” and “Stories differ inside and outside Court”, The Straits Times, 23 November 2015

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