Divorce Fees in Singapore- $1200 NET for Uncontested Divorce

If you are looking to commence divorce proceedings in Singapore, you may be concerned about divorce fees in Singapore. Are divorce fees in Singapore very high?

Divorce Fees in Singapore

We are pleased to inform you that we charge fixed costs for:

  1. Uncontested divorce proceedings;
  2. Uncontested nullity proceedings; and
  3. Separation proceedings.

Even if you are likely to contest your divorce, we are able to offer a capped-cost package, so long as all matters are resolved by the mediation stage.

Other than divorce fees in Singapore, you may wish to consider the following in your search for a divorce lawyer in Singapore:

  1. The specialty of your lawyer. Many lawyers who practise family law do not specialize in family law. Family law is a unique area of law and it is vital that you engage a specialist to represent you. For instance, most contested divorces in Singapore are resolved by way of mediation. It may be favourable to have a lawyer who is an accredited mediator and has an excellent track record of resolving disputes by way of mediation.
  2. Ask your divorce lawyer if his/ her fees are capped/ fixed.
  3. Find out if you get to work directly with your divorce lawyer. You do not want to be advised by your lawyer’s secretary/ assistant when you should be working with your divorce lawyer. It is important to have direct access to your divorce lawyer. In addition, your divorce lawyer should be prompt in returning your calls/ emails.

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