US Girl Sued Parents For College Fees! Learn More About Maintenance for Children Above 21 Years Old in Singapore

Must divorced parents in Singapore pay for the maintenance of children above 21 years old? Caitlyn Ricci’s parents are divorced. Financed by her grandparents, she successfully sued her parents in the US to pay $16,000 of her tuition fees. She won based on a 1982 case which states that divorced parents have the legal responsibility … Read more

Jolie Wants $100k Monthly Child Support While Pitt Still Going For Joint Custody!

Angelina Jolie has reportedly demanded Brad Pitt to pay a monthly amount of $100,000 for child support! According to reports, Jolie wants full custody of the couple’s 6 children. Other than the $100,000 monthly maintenance for the children, the 41-year-old actress wants an initial amount for the children’s trust funds and an annual amount of … Read more

Child Support Calculator Singapore?

At the opening of the legal year 2017, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menor announced that a committee has been established to derive norms for child maintenance in Singapore, also known as child support in Singapore, based on “actuarial data” on family expenses. The objective is to ensure that there is more consistency across cases. From the … Read more

Default in Maintenance Not the Way to Gain Access to Son

Enforcement of maintenance order in Singapore A woman filed an enforcement application against her ex-husband for failing to pay for their son’s tuition and enrichment expenses. They were divorced since 2010 but continue to be acrimonious with each other. Under the 2010 Court order, the former husband needs to pay half of the child’s tuition … Read more

Marriage Counsellor Received Outstanding Court Volunteer Award

Ms Annie Seah volunteers as a mediator at the Family Justice Courts and she helps out at the Maintenance Mediation Chambers. She received the “Outstanding Court Volunteer Award” from the Chief Justice at the Tri-Court Appreciation Dinner on 2 November 2016. At the award ceremony, Seah recounted a case where an elderly divorced couple were … Read more

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