Jolie Wants $100k Monthly Child Support While Pitt Still Going For Joint Custody!

Angelina Jolie has reportedly demanded Brad Pitt to pay a monthly amount of $100,000 for child support!

According to reports, Jolie wants full custody of the couple’s 6 children. Other than the $100,000 monthly maintenance for the children, the 41-year-old actress wants an initial amount for the children’s trust funds and an annual amount of $250,000 to be deposited in the trust with a $5 million cap.

On the other hand, Pitt wants to have the money put directly into the trust funds, instead of to Jolie. He is still seeking joint custody of the children.

See: Daniel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano, “Brad Pitt Demanded by Angelina Jolie to Pay Shocking Child Support of $100,000; Actor Still Fights for Joint Custody”, M&A, 2 February 2017

In Singapore, a couple who have joint custody are able to make all major decisions concerning their children jointly. These decisions relate to education, healthcare and religion. By default, all divorced parents will have joint custody of their children.

Custody differs from care and control. If you have care and control of your children, you will be able to live with them on a day-to-day basis. Naturally, most parents are more concerned about care and control.

While sole care and control gives a child stability, it is not uncommon for the Court to grant shared care and control especially if both parents have been equally involved in the care of the children prior to the divorce.

Should the Court grant sole care and control to 1 parent, the other parent will have access to the children.

In making decisions on custody, care and control, and access, the Court’s primary consideration will be on the welfare of the child.

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