Wife Attacked Husband With Chili Powder! PPO Singapore for Husband?

Can a man, as a husband, make an application for PPO? PPO Singapore for Husband?

An Indian woman in Tamil Nadu, India, was reported to have beaten up her 55-year-old husband when he requested for lunch. She even threw chili powder into his eyes!

The couple were estranged but continued living in the same house. When the husband asked to be served lunch as he did not have money to have his meal outside, the couple had an argument. Eventually, the wife beat up her husband together with her relatives.

The wife, along with 5 of her relatives involved in the attack, have since been arrested while the husband was treated for his injuries.

See: Tan Sin Chow, Natalie Young and R. Aravinthan, “Wife thrashes husband after he demands for his lunch”, The Star Online, 9 February 2017

PPO Singapore for husband

In the present world, where men and women are largely equals, it is not uncommon to see husbands making PPO application against their wives.

If the Indian man were in Singapore, he could possibly have made an application for PPO Singapore for husband against not just his wife but his relatives as well.

To be successful in the application for PPO Singapore for husband, the husband needs to show that he was:

  1. Placed in fear of hurt;
  2. Hurt;
  3. Wrongfully confined or restrained; or
  4. Continuously harassed.

Click here to understand more about the procedure if you wish to make an application for PPO Singapore for husband and here to understand the consequences of breaching a PPO.

Other than a PPO Singapore, there are other orders which the Family Justice Courts may make. Contact us today to find out more!

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