How long does alimony have to be paid Singapore?

How long does alimony have to be paid Singapore? The short answer is- alimony has to be paid for life or until the ex-wife remarries. However, not all ex-wives will receive alimony in Singapore. The payment of alimony (and the quantum) depends on factors such as: The income and financial resources of the parties; The … Read more

Women’s Charter Singapore Alimony

Women’s Charter Singapore alimony One of the common questions that arise during divorce surrounds Women’s Charter Singapore alimony. Many of my female clients have asked me about the prospect of them receiving alimony from their husband. In a 2014 High Court Case, Justice Choo Han Teck said that a woman who is “truly independent” and … Read more

Mistress Hunters in China

As the world evolves, new jobs emerge. “Mistress hunters” are now appearing in China. They are paid to approach mistresses to earn their trust and persuade them to end their affairs with married men. Some women in China do not want a divorce as they fear falling into financial hardship. Hence, they hire mistress hunters … Read more

Marriage Counsellor Received Outstanding Court Volunteer Award

Ms Annie Seah volunteers as a mediator at the Family Justice Courts and she helps out at the Maintenance Mediation Chambers. She received the “Outstanding Court Volunteer Award” from the Chief Justice at the Tri-Court Appreciation Dinner on 2 November 2016. At the award ceremony, Seah recounted a case where an elderly divorced couple were … Read more

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