Getting Married Again After Divorce

Over the last few years, I have attended a few weddings of my former clients. Clients who have divorced and found a new love. The real one. What is it like getting married again after divorce? If I can say one thing to my client, that would be it is never too late to find … Read more

Dating for Divorcees in Singapore

Dating for Divorcees in Singapore Many of my clients cannot imagine dating after their divorce. Some develop a phobia for marriage. Others choose to remain single for their children, like Cecilia Cheung. Sin Chew Daily reported that actress Cecilia Cheung is choosing to remain single after her divorce in order to spend more time with … Read more

Is Life Better After Divorce?

Is life better after divorce? I recently read the story of Jen White who got a divorce 2 years ago. She was previously married for 5 years. A few weeks after giving birth to her daughter, White found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman. This eventually led to her divorce. … Read more

How to Move Forward after Divorce- From a Divorce Lawyer’s Point of View

Sometimes, I get asked by clients about how to move forward after divorce. Truth is, nobody gets married thinking about a divorce. Divorce can be especially painful if everyone around you is happily married Gwen Stefani on her failed marriage After her recent divorce, Gwen Stefani said that marriage was the one thing she did … Read more

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