Is Life Better After Divorce?

Is life better after divorce?

I recently read the story of Jen White who got a divorce 2 years ago. She was previously married for 5 years. A few weeks after giving birth to her daughter, White found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman. This eventually led to her divorce.

So what happened after her divorce? Is life better after divorce?

White’s life became better and improved in many ways. She:

  1. Bought a house;
  2. Decreased her debts;
  3. Wrote a book and published it with a major publisher;
  4. Spent more time with her family and friends; and
  5. Went on a vacation with her daughter without consulting anyone.

White realized that she could now live solely for herself and her child.

White came to the following realization:

  1. A long time ago, women had to stay in their marriages (no matter what happened) to function in society.
  2. Now, even though more women are financially independent, the bulk of household chores still fall on women.
  3. She does not need a partner to complete her and she is already whole by herself.

See: “Divorce Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me”, Time, 28 July 2017

Is life better after divorce?

As a family lawyer, I would say it can be. It would be good if you have some support system in place- for instance, your parents’ home to return to. It gets tougher if you have to start from scratch but it can be done.

While it may be challenging to be a single parent, the close bond that you will build up with your child can be more emotionally fulfilling.

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