Different Parenting Styles Can Lead To Divorce

It was reported in a Straits Times article that different parenting styles can cause marital conflicts. For example, parents sometimes disagree over co-sleeping with a child. One parent may prefer co-sleeping while the other may want the child to get used to sleeping alone. In other instances, parents may disagree over the way a child … Read more

Divorced Couple Charged With Hacking Into Each Other’s Computer

A now-divorced couple have been charged for hacking into each other’s computer in 2012 while they were still married. The ex-husband (Leo Kah Woon) allegedly installed a “keylogger software” on his ex-wife’s laptop to retrieve emails and instant messages sent by her. He faces up to 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of up … Read more

Using Pornography Can Increase Risk of Divorce

In a recent study, US researchers collected data from participants on their use of pornography. Participants were interviewed thrice in 2 years. The study showed that if a man started using pornography after 1 interview, his risk of being divorced by the next interview increased from 6% to 11%. For a woman, the risk nearly … Read more

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