Using Pornography Can Increase Risk of Divorce


In a recent study, US researchers collected data from participants on their use of pornography. Participants were interviewed thrice in 2 years. The study showed that if a man started using pornography after 1 interview, his risk of being divorced by the next interview increased from 6% to 11%. For a woman, the risk nearly tripled from 6% to 16%.

It was also shown that the risk of divorce was higher for those who were younger or less religious. Further, those who were very happy with the marriage at the first interview were more likely to get a divorce if they began watching pornography, compared to those who were not so happy.

See: “Beginning pornography use when married can up your risk of divorce, suggests new study”, AFP Relax, 23 august 2016

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have encountered cases where one spouse filed for divorce citing the use of pornography by the other spouse as his/ her “unreasonable behaviour”. In one case involving expatriates, the wife felt frustrated as the husband would rather watch pornography and masturbate himself rather than be intimate with her.

In another case involving a local couple, the wife complained about a lack of physical intimacy between parties as the husband was “addicted” to pornography.

See: Section 95 of Women’s Charter (Singapore)

From my experience, the use of pornography by one spouse could lead to the other spouse feeling neglected, disrespected or less attractive. In some cases, parties may even stray. For instance, the spouse using pornography may seek to “live out” his/ her fantasies with another partner while the other spouse may want to regain his/ her self-esteem with a third party. In such cases, parties are almost certainly heading towards divorce.

Pornography is certainly not the only reason behind a couple’s divorce. Studies like these provide the public with information on factors which may affect the success of marriages. As the team commented, “Americans [and the world] should be aware of the potential consequences of pornography under certain circumstances.”

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