Affair with Maid Singapore

Occasionally, I have had female clients coming to me saying that their husbands are having an affair with maid Singapore. Affair with Maid Singapore In a recent case, a Singaporean woman had it worse. Her husband was charged not for affair with maid Singapore, but for raping the family’s maid. In Court, the maid testified … Read more

Extramarital Affairs Stories in Singapore- Understand Your Rights Today!

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have heard many extramarital affairs stories in Singapore. Extramarital affairs stories in Singapore It is not easy to come to terms with the fact that you are living one of the many extramarital affairs stories in Singapore. Different people do different things to spite their other half. Some just let … Read more

Findings by Jessica Leong Singapore on Divorce in Singapore

Dr Jessica Leong Singapore surveyed 134 divorcees, consisting of 45 men and 89 women, in 2011 for her PhD research. The marriage counsellor has counselled couples in difficult marriages for almost 2 decades. Findings of Jessica Leong Singapore- Reasons for Divorce Jessica Leong Singapore found that 25% of the respondents cited adultery as the main … Read more

How to Get Over Adultery in a Marriage- From a Divorce Lawyer’s Viewpoint

How to get over adultery in a marriage Recently, Duston Holloway from Texas to find his girlfriend drunk and asleep next to a shirtless man. While most people in Holloway’s shoes would be to scream and yell, Holloway whipped up his phone and started taking photographs of them in bed. In fact, he even posed … Read more

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