Affair with Maid Singapore

Occasionally, I have had female clients coming to me saying that their husbands are having an affair with maid Singapore.

Affair with Maid Singapore

In a recent case, a Singaporean woman had it worse. Her husband was charged not for affair with maid Singapore, but for raping the family’s maid.

In Court, the maid testified that she was raped for the 1st time on 20 December 2013 at about 1am. The accused is a Malaysian citizen and Singapore permanent resident. He was alone in the flat with the maid at the time of the alleged offence. The accused’s ex-wife and their children had gone overseas for a holiday while his mother was in Malaysia at that time.

According to the maid, the accused had pushed her onto a bed and raped her. After that, she returned to her room and cried. 6 hours later, at about 7am, the maid was doing the laundry when the accused apologized to her. He then grabbed her and dragged her to his room, raping her for a second time. When the accused left for work at around 10am, the maid took the opportunity to call the police.

The accused is now divorced.

See: Shaffiq Alkhatib, “Maid: Sir said ‘I need you’ before raping me”, The New Paper, 12 May 2016

Not many cases of affair with maid Singapore are cases of rape. An affair with maid Singapore constitutes adultery and gives the wife the right to file for divorce based on the adultery/ unreasonable behaviour of the husband.

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