Malaysian Woman Hit By Husband For Cutting Hair Short!

Sin Chew Daily recently reported the case of a woman who was allegedly beaten up by her husband for cutting her hair short without getting his consent!

The 29-year-old woman lodged a report against her husband on 15 December 2016 in Kangar, Malaysia.

The woman claimed to have dyed her hair in the early part of December 2016. Her 27-year-old husband scolded her for dyeing her hair after he found out. The woman then cut her hair short as she was concerned that her husband would be unhappy with her for dyeing her hair.

However, when the husband returned home and found out that his wife had cut her hair, she got angry and beat her up. This resulted in injuries to the woman’s eye, shoulder and knee. The woman then lodged a police report.

According to Kangar Deputy OCPD Deputy Superintendent Zaini Talib, the man has since been arrested.

See: “Man bashes wife for cutting hair short without consent”, The Star Online, 22 December 2016

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have encountered many cases whereby one spouse filed for divorce using the fact of the other spouse’s unreasonable behaviour. In fact, “unreasonable behaviour” is one of the most frequently used reasons for divorce in Singapore.

Controlling behaviour by one’s spouse is a form of unreasonable behaviour for divorce purposes.

Violence by one spouse against the other also constitutes unreasonable behaviour.

If your spouse uses violence against you, you may wish to make a police report and file a complaint in the Family Justice Courts. If the Court finds that you are in imminent danger, the Court may grant you an expedited order (EO) for your protection. The matter will proceed for mediation and if things are not resolved by then, a trial will be conducted. At the end of the trial, the Court may grant you a personal protection order (PPO) if there is evidence of violence against you by your spouse.

There are many organizations in Singapore which helps people deal with issues of family violence. One example is the TRANS SAFE centre. At TRANS SAFE centre, their social workers provide counselling services and referrals to shelters.

To find out more about how to deal with family violence and to learn more about organizations like TRANS SAFE centre, contact us today!

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