Tips For Your Search of a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

How do you go about looking for a good divorce lawyer in Singapore?

In a recent article published on Lawyer Herald, the author discussed the important factors one should look out for in the search for a good divorce lawyer.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Ask for recommendations from your friends, family and colleagues.
  2. Choose a divorce lawyer whom you know personally.
  3. Talk to the divorce lawyer so that he/ she understands your case. This will help the lawyer to achieve your objectives.
  4. Decide your objectives. Know what you want in a lawyer so that you are able to make the right choice.
  5. Check the credentials of the lawyer.
  6. Fees. Ask if the lawyer has a fixed set of fees for standard procedures. Decide the fee before commencing divorce/ annulment proceedings.

See: Belal Khan, “How to find good divorce lawyers: 6 important facts to consider”, Lawyer Herald, 21 December 2016

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have clients from all walks of life.

While it is good to request for recommendations from your family and friends, this may not be a feasible option if:

  1. Your family and friends do not know of a good divorce lawyer in Singapore.
  2. You do not wish to ask. Divorce/ annulment proceedings are sensitive matters and not everyone is comfortable to talk about it openly.

Similarly, you may not know of a good divorce lawyer in Singapore.

The internet makes it easier for you in your search for a good divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Before you engage a divorce lawyer/ annulment lawyer in Singapore, it is important that you have an extensive discussion with the divorce lawyer/ annulment lawyer on your case. Divorce can be a long-drawn process and it is important that you engage a good divorce lawyer in Singapore who you can work with.

It is important to check the credentials of your divorce lawyer. Family law is extremely different from other areas of law and it is important for you to engage a specialist, and not a general practitioner who may not know the delicate issues involved.

Given that most divorce/ annulment cases in Singapore involve mediation, it will be helpful if your divorce/ annulment lawyer is a trained mediator. Mediation is different from going to Court, as the focus is on solving the problems and moving forward. There is no winning or losing at mediations.

Finally, understand the fees involved. A good divorce lawyer in Singapore may not necessarily be expensive. You need to be ask in depth questions on fees:

  1. What services come with the fees quoted?
  2. What happens if you were to discharge the lawyer midway through the proceedings?
  3. Is the fee quoted a nett figure? Does it include GST and disbursements (eg, photocopying fees and Court filing fees)? If it does not, what will be the overall figure?

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