Find out How to Withdraw PPO today! We are here to guide you!

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I deal with many cases involving family violence and personal protection order (PPO) applications. Not every case goes on trial. Typically, the parties involved will undergo counselling/ mediation at the Family Justice Courts. If a resolution is reached, the case may be withdrawn. Many clients asked me: how to … Read more

Applying For A Restriction Order Singapore- PPO

If you are a victim of family violence Singapore, you may wish to file for a restriction order Singapore. In the Singapore context, this is better known as a personal protection order. Family violence Singapore can happen to anybody, even celebrities. Mel B’s application for restraining order In front page news worldwide, Mel B, Scary … Read more

Dealing with Domestic Abuse Singapore

How do you deal with domestic abuse Singapore? Story of Melissa Dohme Hill Melissa Dohme Hill was 20 years old when she was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend. She was left bleeding by roadside. Cameron Hill was one of the first paramedics who arrived. After what happened in 2012, Dohme Hill went into a … Read more

Baby Isabelle Was Abused by Her Own Parents! Find Out More About Domestic Violence Cases Singapore

I have dealt with many domestic violence cases Singapore and I am glad that none of the domestic violence cases Singapore I dealt with were at the level of the case that I am about to describe. Domestic violence suffered by baby Isabelle Rocky Uzzell and Katherine Prigmore left their 5-week-old daughter with a series … Read more

Malaysian Woman Hit By Husband For Cutting Hair Short!

Sin Chew Daily recently reported the case of a woman who was allegedly beaten up by her husband for cutting her hair short without getting his consent! The 29-year-old woman lodged a report against her husband on 15 December 2016 in Kangar, Malaysia. The woman claimed to have dyed her hair in the early part … Read more

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