Baby Isabelle Was Abused by Her Own Parents! Find Out More About Domestic Violence Cases Singapore

I have dealt with many domestic violence cases Singapore and I am glad that none of the domestic violence cases Singapore I dealt with were at the level of the case that I am about to describe.

Domestic violence suffered by baby Isabelle

Rocky Uzzell and Katherine Prigmore left their 5-week-old daughter with a series of catastrophic injuries so serious that she may not live pass adulthood.

It is likely that their biological child Isabelle may:

  1. Never see again;
  2. Wheelchair-bound; and
  3. Fed by a tube for the rest of her life.

Despite the nature of the offences, Uzzell will only serve 3 years in prison while Prigmore will serve 14 months behind bars!

The baby was sent to Kettering General Hospital in March 2014. She suffered from:

  1. A broken arm;
  2. Fractured ribs;
  3. Brain swelling; and
  4. Injuries from squeezing.

Prigmore had called for an ambulance after Isabelle’s limbs went limp and started vomiting.

After sending Isabelle to hospital, the couple were not concerned about the baby. Instead, they were more concerned about having a chance to eat at Nando’s!

The baby remained in intensive care for more than 2 weeks!

Police officers later discovered a video of Uzzell being violent towards the child on a mobile phone.

What the Judge said

Judge Rupert Mayo called the harm to be “deliberate and inexcusable”. The learned Judge rightly said: “Your priority should have been Isabelle. It was not, it was you and your needs.”

See: Richard Spillett, Crime Correspondent, “Couple who left their five-week-old daughter with catastrophic brain injuries that will one day kill her went to Nandos as medics battled to treat her are jailed”, Mailonline, 7 December 2016

Domestic violence cases Singapore

If you are a victim of domestic violence cases Singapore, you should make a police report as soon as possible. If you suffer physical injuries, you should also seek medical attention and procure a medical report.

Armed with both medical and police reports, you should make a complaint at the Family Justice Courts of Singapore. Contact us to find out more about making an application for a personal protection order in Singapore.

Click here to understand more about the range of protection orders that the Court can make.

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