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As a family lawyer in Singapore, I deal with many cases involving family violence and personal protection order (PPO) applications. Not every case goes on trial. Typically, the parties involved will undergo counselling/ mediation at the Family Justice Courts. If a resolution is reached, the case may be withdrawn. Many clients asked me: how to withdraw PPO.

How to withdraw PPO- immediately after counselling/ mediation

Usually, there will be 3 outcomes after counselling/ mediation for a PPO application.

  1. The complainant drops the PPO application without any condition.
  2. The respondent consents to the PPO being granted against him/ her.
  3. The respondent gives an undertaking not to cause hurt to the complainant and the complainant withdraws the PPO. How to withdraw PPO- before or after counselling/ mediation
  4. For options 1 and 3, both the complainant and respondent will appear in Court immediately after the counselling/ mediation to inform the Court that the complainant is withdrawing the PPO.

You would have been given a Court date previously. Appear in Court on that day to inform the Court that you are withdrawing the PPO application.

I have seen many of my clients make a PPO application and withdrawing subsequently.

You should make a PPO application if you are a victim of family violence.

Case study

Recently, a video circulated online showing 2 parents hitting their daughter with a cane and tree branch. The daughter is believed to be a lower primary student. She had a school bag and some books on the ground. The girl’s mother had a cane, which the girl tried to snatch from her while crying out “I don’t want”.

Suddenly, the girl’s father grabbed a tree branch and hit the girl’s leg many times. The young girl ran away.

Later, the mother handed a tissue paper to the girl asking her to wipe away her tears and get onto the car.

Police later arrived and spent some time with the parents, advising them not to cane the child in public.

See: “Police called in over parents hitting child with cane and tree branch in public”, The New Paper, 20 May 2017

Can the girl in the video (or someone on behalf of the girl) make a PPO application against her parents?

I have not viewed the video and am unable to comment. The answer depends on the extent of harm caused to the girl. If the caning is for the purpose of lawful correction of the child for the purpose of teaching her discipline, there is likely to be no case for a PPO. It is also important to note that the lawful correction be done for the sole benefit of the child.

Point to note

In any case, if you were to make a PPO application and subsequently decide to withdraw, you will not be able to make a new complaint using the same facts.

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