Life After Divorce- Being a Single Father in Singapore

How difficult is it to be a single father in Singapore?

Mr Eric Kwek is a single father in Singapore. He has a 7-year-old daughter Kylie. After getting a divorce in 2013, he was awarded joint custody of the child who lives with him on weekdays and goes over to her mother’s home for the weekends. Mr Kwek is a property agent. With a flexible job, he is able to have dinner with Kylie and sends her to and from school every day.

On the other hand, Mr Desmond Tin had a good career as an internal auditor until he was retrenched many years ago. He became a supermarket packer and is now a Grab/ Uber driver. Despite working 50 to 60 hours a week, he does his best to cook dinner for his children every day. To him, this is his way of showing the children that he loves them.

See: Feng Yuan Wen, “These two dads make things better for their daughters”, The New Paper, 19 May 2017

It is not easy being a parent in Singapore, especially so if you are a single parent in Singapore. You would have to take care of the daily needs of your children, ensure that they are kept safe and away from bad company and properly educated.

For a single father in Singapore, there could be more adjustments after the divorce. You would have to learn to perform “motherly duties”- to cook for your children, bathe them, do their laundry, etc.

It is not easy going through a divorce and becoming a single father in Singapore.

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