Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

What are the negative effects of divorce on children?

Recently, it was reported that a 4-year-old boy in China was abandoned by his parents whose marriage had broken down.

On 16 May 2017, the boy’s father took him to the kindergarten in the morning and did not return for him.

After finding a large bundle of winter clothing in the boy’s bag, the teachers became suspicious and they later failed to reach his parents.

The boy’s home was empty and locked when they took him back.

The police successfully tracked the parents down after 3 days. Sadly, the boy’s mother refused to pick up the child as she feared reprisals from the boy’s father. The boy’s father, on the other hand, refused to look after the boy without his wife’s assistance.

The teachers were shocked that the parents had not picked up the boy. The boy did not turn up for school occasionally due to his parents’ separation.

Miss Zhao, the school’s director, has taken in the boy for now. She said: “most of the time, the child stays silent, trying not to show emotion.”

Under China’s laws, the parents could face up to 5 years of imprisonment for abandonment. However, they are seldom punished as the police prefer to give verbal warnings.

In the meantime, the parents have gone back on a promise to return for their son.

See: Tay Hong Yi, “Boy, 4, abandoned in Zhejiang kindergarten”, The Straits Times, 24 May 2017

There are various negative effects of divorce on children.

Financially, it costs more to maintain 2 households and less financial resources may be allocated to the care of the child.

Further, if both parents are constantly fighting with each other, a child may lose focus on his/ her own life.

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