HDB Single Parent Scheme- How Does It Work?

One of the top concerns of my clients who have care and control of their children is the HDB single parent scheme. Petition by Aware The Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) will be starting a petition to request for changes to help single parents in Singapore rent or buy HDB flats. The … Read more

HDB Divorce Transfer- How Does It Work?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, one of the most common questions that come out during the consultation process relates to HDB divorce transfer. Almost all of my clients purchase their HDB flat using their CPF funds (at least partially). In some cases involving uncontested divorce Singapore, one party agrees to transfer the flat to … Read more

Man Ordered to Pay 2.7 million Pounds to Ex-Wife A Decade After Divorce! Find Out About Divorce Property Settlement in Singapore.

How does divorce property settlement in Singapore work? Glenn Briers built his 10 million pounds fashion empire. 2.7 million pounds of his assets was recently awarded to his ex-wife, whom he divorced more than 10 years ago! What happened? The shock More than 10 years ago, he divorced his ex-wife, Nicola. At that point, his … Read more

Find Out About Inheritance in Divorce Singapore

What happens to inheritance in divorce Singapore? Recently in the UK, a divorcee found out that she might lose her home which was bought with inheritance she received from her dead mother. Doreen Crowther’s mother’s dying wish was for Crowther’s husband, Robert Crowther, to receive nothing from it. Robert is on benefits. Doreen and Robert … Read more

Marriage Agreement in Singapore

Nobody thinks about divorce at the onset of marriage. However, it may wise to enter into a marriage agreement in Singapore with your spouse. Personal background of parties Don, from Maryland, recently wrote to The Moneyologist’s column. Both Don and his fiancée are in their 40s and divorcees. Don’s fiancée has an adult daughter. Financial … Read more

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