Do You Wish to Retain HDB Flat after Divorce?

Is it possible to retain HDB flat after divorce? Yes! In general, any party who is above 35 years old and a Singapore citizen is allowed to retain HDB flat after divorce. You will also need to fulfil other HDB’s eligibility criteria. If you are not above 35 years old, but you have care and … Read more

Can Single Mother Get Baby Bonus?

Can single mother get baby bonus? Many people assume that as a family lawyer in Singapore, I deal only with divorces, separation and annulments. While divorce, separation and annulment cases make up the bulk of my work, I am also concerned about the well-being of my clients. As a family lawyer Singapore, I am concerned … Read more

HDB Single Parent Scheme- How Does It Work?

One of the top concerns of my clients who have care and control of their children is the HDB single parent scheme. Petition by Aware The Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) will be starting a petition to request for changes to help single parents in Singapore rent or buy HDB flats. The … Read more

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