Issues Facing Divorcee Buying HDB Flat

What are the obstacles facing a divorcee buying HDB flat? Tomoe Suzuki’s letter was recently published in the Straits Times forum page. In Ms Suzuki’s words, “it is the presence of the legal and policy distinctions between single/ unmarried parents and the traditional family nucleus that imposes tremendous costs on the state and society”. Ms … Read more

Do You Wish to Retain HDB Flat after Divorce?

Is it possible to retain HDB flat after divorce? Yes! In general, any party who is above 35 years old and a Singapore citizen is allowed to retain HDB flat after divorce. You will also need to fulfil other HDB’s eligibility criteria. If you are not above 35 years old, but you have care and … Read more

Prenuptial Agreement Singapore Template

According to a UK based wedding website, UK couples usually date for 4.9 years before getting married. The divorce rate in the UK is at its lowest in 50 years. According to therapists, it could be because couples are now getting married after “knowing their partner and relationship better than before”. Personally, I feel that … Read more

Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore- Division of Matrimonial Assets

Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore If you are searching for information on division of matrimonial assets in Singapore, you should have a look at Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore. What does Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore say? Under Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore, the Courts have the power to order the division of matrimonial assets … Read more

Division of Assets in Divorce Singapore

Almost all of my clients are keen to know more about division of assets in divorce Singapore. Division of Assets in Divorce Singapore How does the Court make a decision on division of assets in divorce Singapore? The general rule under the Women’s Charter Singapore is found in Section 112. Under Section 112, the Court … Read more

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