My Wife Wants Everything in Our Savings Account…

B.P. from Maryland wrote in to The Moneyologist Column recently, saying that his wife of 21 years wants to divorce him and that she wants everything in their savings account. B.P. does not earn as much as his wife and wants to stay in their family home. Facts According to B.P., the facts are as … Read more

Britain’s Most Married Man Set to Break His Own Record!

Britain’s most married man is tying the knots again! Great-grandfather Ron Sheppard, at the age of 68, is going through divorce proceedings with his 8th wife. After spending the 2015 New Year’s Eve with single mother Filipino Cristel Marquez Lalec, 26, he proposed to her. Since that day, Sheppard had, however, not seen the lady … Read more

Bachelor Saves 6,000 $1 Coins for Future Wedding

Weddings in Singapore are expensive affairs. In a recent report on The New Paper (Cynthia Choo, “Bachelor saves 6,000 $1 coins in 2 years, netting him marriage proposals”, The New Paper, 3 September 2016), Mr Muhammad Helmy Kamid, 26, was reported to have saved 6,000 $1 coins in two years. Even though he does not … Read more

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