Divorce Fees in Singapore- $1200 NET for Uncontested Divorce

If you are looking to commence divorce proceedings in Singapore, you may be concerned about divorce fees in Singapore. Are divorce fees in Singapore very high? Divorce Fees in Singapore We are pleased to inform you that we charge fixed costs for: Uncontested divorce proceedings; Uncontested nullity proceedings; and Separation proceedings. Even if you are … Read more

Best Divorce Lawyers in Singapore- Lowest Cost and Highest Efficiency

The best divorce lawyers in Singapore will not focus on divorce. The focus of the best divorce lawyers in Singapore is on solving the problem. If the problem(s) can be solved with a divorce, then why file for a divorce? Words can do the greatest harm to a relationship. As divorce lawyers in Singapore, we … Read more

What is an Uncontested Divorce Singapore?

What is an uncontested divorce Singapore? In an uncontested divorce Singapore, divorce proceedings are simplified. Husband and wife agrees on the reason(s) for divorce and the divorce proceeds on the agreed reason(s). Step 1: Husband and wife agrees on the divorce and the terms of the divorce (involving children, assets and alimony) Step 2: Divorce … Read more

Preparing for Divorce Singapore

Preparing for divorce Singapore? There were 7.522 divorces and annulments in Singapore in 2016. This represents a 3% increase from 2014. According to experts, there are 8 things a woman should know prior to filing for divorce in Singapore. Ask yourself if the problems can be solved Divorce need not be the only option. Why … Read more

Cheap Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

It can be expensive to file for divorce in Malaysia. I came across an article recently, about how a Malaysian woman (Pial Khalida Abdullah) got a divorce after waiting for 6 years. However, her joy was short-lived as her husband filed an appeal preventing the Syariah Court from releasing the divorce order. Abdullah posted on … Read more

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