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It can be expensive to file for divorce in Malaysia. I came across an article recently, about how a Malaysian woman (Pial Khalida Abdullah) got a divorce after waiting for 6 years. However, her joy was short-lived as her husband filed an appeal preventing the Syariah Court from releasing the divorce order. Abdullah posted on Facebook, saying that she is “financially drained and emotionally exhausted”.

Abdullah’s divorce has to be done in the Syariah Court, like all Muslim marriages. In the Syariah Court, a separate file is opened for every different application, such as custody and child maintenance. Each application has separate costs.

Abdullah has 4 cases- divorce, custody, child maintenance and visitation rights (access). All cases are treated separately and Abdullah incurred a separate set of costs for each application.

Given the amount of time that legal proceedings take, and the huge costs, many Malaysians are now trying to handle their divorces by themselves. However, many of them end up making multiple trips to Court and taking time out.

There are other Malaysians who stick to their good lawyers as they need to put up a good fight for custody. Noor is one such lady. According to her, she has spent more than RM20,000 (S$6,433) on legal fees and her case is far from being concluded.

One Syariah lawyer interviewed thinks that there is a prevailing misconception that legal fees will burn a hole in one’s pocket when filing for divorce. According to the lawyer: “Many are scared to go see a lawyer because of the misleading belief. What many don’t realize, for example, is that not all lawyers charge fees for the initial consultation, which is important for you to plan your course of action when getting a divorce.”

See: Hariati Azizan,“Can you afford to untie the knot?”, The Star Online, 1 January 2017

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I would say that costs is one major concern of many of my clients. Other than costs, many of them wish to have divorce proceedings conclude as soon as possible.

Cheap divorce lawyer in Singapore

Thankfully, it is possible to engage a cheap divorce lawyer in Singapore. Not all lawyers are expensive.

For an uncontested divorce in Singapore, where husband and wife agrees on all terms, we charge a fixed fee. The process is largely administrative and both spouses need not go to Court at all.

Even if the divorce is contested, that is husband and wife do not agree on some terms, the divorce terms can be sorted at the child focused resolution centre by way of mediation/ negotiation. Most contested divorces in Singapore are resolved at the mediation stage. The fees can be capped to an affordable level. Unlike in Malaysia, where separate applications are needed for each component of the divorce, all issues can be discussed during divorce mediation in Singapore. These issues include children’s issues, division of assets and maintenance/ alimony.

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