Best Divorce Lawyers in Singapore- Lowest Cost and Highest Efficiency

The best divorce lawyers in Singapore will not focus on divorce.

The focus of the best divorce lawyers in Singapore is on solving the problem.

If the problem(s) can be solved with a divorce, then why file for a divorce?

Words can do the greatest harm to a relationship.

As divorce lawyers in Singapore, we know this. Over the years, I have had many clients file for divorce, only to realize at the midway point that they really want to save the marriage.

Some filed for divorce out of anger over something that was said.

The following are some things that are best left unsaid, if you are trying to save your marriage:

  1. Top of the list- don’t threaten divorce.
  2. Don’t call your spouse a liar.
  3. Don’t be passively aggressive. We have all been through this. When something is wrong, and your spouse asks you what is wrong, don’t say “nothing”.
  4. Don’t dismiss feelings. Sometimes, out of frustration, you may say “whatever”. It can make your spouse feel that you are dismissing what he/ she is feeling.
  5. Don’t speak in absolutes. Don’t say “you are always late”, or “you are never honest”.
  6. Don’t insult their careers.
  7. Don’t make them feel stupid.
  8. Don’t be overly sarcastic.
  9. Don’t be their biggest critic.
  10. Don’t always use “I”. Learn to see things from their perspectives.
  11. Don’t bring up your ex.
  12. Don’t disparage their families/ friends.

See: Stacey Feintuch, “14 things you should never say to your spouse”, Reader’s Digest

Best Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

If you really want a divorce, and have thought things through, you need the best divorce lawyers in Singapore. Someone who understands you, knows your objectives, have a plan and offers a fixed fee package that you are comfortable with.

Talk to us today, if you want to engage the best divorce lawyers in Singapore.

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