Divorce due to Infertility in Singapore

I have had clients who get a divorce due to infertility. Can infertility lead to a marriage breakdown?

Sometimes, it is not just infertility. Couples may have different opinions on whether to have a child. This could be due to the cost of raising a child in Singapore. Some may have read about the $900,000 child (ie it takes an approximate sum of $900,000 to raise a child in Singapore).

Story of X

X met her husband Jarrold at an industry function. They dated and got married after 2 years. Jarrold loves children.

X however has an issue on her fertility and she fears that she might not be able to conceive. There was a point when she noticed that her periods were irregular. A couple of months before meeting Jarrold, X went to consult a doctor about it. After some tests, her doctor determined that she had a couple of ovulation issues, which could affect her ability to conceive.

Her doctor told her that if X were to undergo more tests, she would get a better idea of her fertility issue. Despite this, X did not have the courage to do so.

X did not tell Jarrold the truth and is just buying time.

She understands that whatever happens, she will “just have to deal with the consequences” because she was “the one who wasn’t forthright with him from the start”.

See: Balvinder Sandhu, “True story: ‘I’m terrified of the consequences of hiding this dark secret from my hubby”, HERWORLDPLUS, 3 June 2017

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have encountered some couples who got a divorce due to infertility. I have also met many couples who have differing ideas on having a baby, and one party refuses to conceive.

Unfortunately, child birth is a big part of most married couples’ life even in this time and age. It is a major commitment to have a child. Should you and your spouse disagree, maybe it is good to seek help from a marriage counsellor.

Talk to us today if you are facing a potential divorce due to infertility in Singapore.

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