British Father Banned Texting Daughter

A man in London who is separated from his wife has failed to reverse an order which stops him from sending text messages to his 12-year-old daughter. In addition, the man was also not allowed to provide his daughter with a hand phone. The order was made by a judge (Mrs Justice Parker) after private … Read more

Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents in Singapore Reconnect With Their Parents

New Life Stories is a charity which helps incarcerated mothers in prison stay connected to their children. Salma (not her real name) is one such beneficiary from the programme. Salma was imprisoned for approximately 5 years for drug trafficking in 2010. Her husband was also incarcerated. 2 relatives took care of Salma’s children who were … Read more

Expat Spouses In Trouble With Cancelled Dependant’s Pass

Getting a divorce in a foreign country can present different challenges. For instance, a foreign spouse who is sponsored by his/ her spouse’s company as a dependant runs the risk of being asked to leave Singapore before the conclusion of the divorce proceedings. When a foreigner (X) comes to work in Singapore on an Employment … Read more

Experiences Of A Single Dad

I came across an article on single father Michael Ray. Ray is 50 and he is the sole care-giver to Charlie, his 4 year-old daughter. In the article, Ray revealed the questions and comments he hears on a frequent basis. Some of the most common phrases include: “Are you babysitting today?” “Is Daddy in charge … Read more

Mandatory Parenting Programme in Singapore

A pre-divorce parenting programme- the mandatory parenting programme (MPP)– will be introduced at the end of 2016. The change will affect couples who: Have at least one child younger than the age of 14; and Disagree on any divorce matter (including issues involving ground of divorce, custody, maintenance and asset). The scheme will eventually cover … Read more

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