Domestic Violence Singapore Laws

Can domestic violence Singapore laws protect you if you are a victim of domestic violence in Singapore?

Do not do nothing if you have a violent spouse!

In an incident that shook Malaysia, a man gunned down his ex-wife before killing himself in the office of a law firm in Malaysia in broad daylight!

The 46-year-old deceased was working in the law firm when her 51-year-old ex-husband showed up, armed with an automatic pistol. He called the woman to the reception area and argued with her loudly.

Police believed that the man (known to be “Ramesh”) fired 4 or 5 shots at his ex-wife on her back and leg, before shooting himself.

The couple had an unhappy marriage and divorced 5 years ago. They leave behind 3 children aged 16 to 24.

See: “Man shoots ex-wife then kills himself in KL law firm”, The Star, 4 February 2017

As an experienced family lawyer in Singapore, I have seen many clients who are afraid to go to the police or the Family Justice Courts to make a complaint against their spouse/ ex-spouse for being violent towards them.

They have doubts on whether domestic violence Singapore laws are able to protect them.

My advice to them is: do not be afraid.

You never know what your angry spouse will do to get back at you/ hurt you. Bringing matters to the attention of the authorities will ensure that you receive the necessary protection from domestic violence in Singapore.

For instance, if your spouse is the co-owner of your home, you may apply for a domestic exclusion order to stop him/ her from re-entering the home and putting you and your children in danger.

Contact us today to find out more about domestic violence Singapore laws and the procedure of making an application for a personal protection order in Singapore!

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