My Husband Hit On My Friend!

It is difficult enough dealing with a husband/ spouse who is cheating emotionally/ having an adultery. Over the years, I have had some clients who told me that “my husband hit on my friend”!

How do you deal with that?

Recently, a Singaporean woman discovered her husband’s possession of videos of her friends in bathrooms in his hand phone. She promptly made a police report. As a result, Kevin Chin Thain Min, 35, was arrested. Chin pleaded guilty to 4 charges of insulting modesty, 1 charge of theft and 1 charge of house trespass.

Chin had a crush on the 2 women. He stole a key to one of their homes and placed a camera in her bathroom’s false ceiling. He filmed videos of the woman showering and undressing.

Chin filmed the other victim when she used the toilet in his home.

Chin’s wife had found the videos while using Chin’s phone. She later discovered that Chin had placed many spy cameras in household items and kept underwear of women.

According to Chin’s lawyer, Chin suffers from voyeuristic and fetishistic disorders, causing him to commit the offences. He added that Chin’s wife had forgiven him and their relationship had improved.

See: Elena Chong, “Woman turns in peeping-Tom hubby”, The Straits Times, 28 March 2017

Divorce is a painful process for many, more so if one has been betrayed. What are the rights of my clients who tell me that “my husband hit on my friend”?

My husband hit on my friend

While Chin’s case and a case of a husband hitting on a wife’s friend would not ordinarily be sufficient to file for divorce using adultery, you will be able to file for divorce using the reason of unreasonable behaviour in a case like this.

Note: To file for divorce using the reason of adultery, you need to prove that your spouse had voluntary sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite gender.

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