Help for Unwed Mothers in Singapore!

From time to time, I have had enquiries from single mothers asking me about help for unwed mothers in Singapore. It is not easy to be single mothers in Singapore, or anywhere in the world.

Story of Natalie Davis

Ms Natalie Davis’ husband passed away at 45 when she was pregnant with her 2nd child. She has a 5-year-old with her late husband.

Unfortunately, Ms Davis’ husband did not have life insurance. After her husband died, Ms Davis relied on her credit cards and incurred lots of debts. She started packing lunch for work, and still does today. To her, it is important to make every dollar stretch more. Her priorities are the mortgage and her daughter’s day care fees.

The single mother does not have savings and this makes her feel cautious about her spending.

As a single mother, she realized that she is the only parent to her children. As a result, she left her full-time executive job and is now a freelancer with clients in fashion merchandizing and product development. The flexibility allows her to be there for her children.

She is now getting over the guilt of not being able to give her children everything. She is less hard on herself.

She has also managed to improve her quality of life and set aside some personal time.

See: Jarrett Hill, “The emotional and financial shock of becoming a young widow”, New York Times, 27 March 2017

Single mothers in Singapore face a whole lot of challenges. Being the only parent, they have to take on all parental responsibilities which married couples can share.

Financially, it is likely to be tough to survive on one income.

In addition, our society may just not be so accepting of single (and unwed) mothers just yet.

Over the years, we have provided help for unwed mothers in Singapore.

Regardless of the marital status of the mothers, children are entitled to maintenance from their fathers.

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Contact us today, if you are looking for help for unwed mothers in Singapore!

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