Unreasonable Behaviour Divorce Examples

A divorce based on unreasonable behaviour Singapore? What are some of the unreasonable behaviour divorce examples? What are most people’s “relationship deal breakers”?

People were asked about their relationship deal breakers on Reddit recently.

To some men, a “boring sex life” is a relationship deal breaker.

One woman stated “bad hygiene” to be her “deal breaker”. Apparently, her ex-partner did not brush his teeth and “use deodorant” regularly. Many Reddit users agreed with her.

Bad breath” seems to be a relationship deal breaker for many as well. One user said: “I just left a guy who would act like a d*ck whenever I asked him to brush his disgusting teeth before kissing me.” Another lady commented that “chronic bad breath is a no go. If I’m cringing or holding my breath every time I’m close to their face it is not going to work out.”

One user went as far as to say that “you can have affection for a murderer… but you cannot have affection for a man whose breath stinks”.

Other than physical attributes, people are also bothered by their partners’ personality.

One person was angry with her partner who “blamed everybody else but himself for everything wrong with his life.” She realised that life with him would be “miserable”.

Humour is also something that people look out for in a relationship. Many deal breakers are “based on a person’s inability to laugh at themselves, or even laugh at all.”

A person who is too competitive may also be a turn-off. One user said: “If they are constantly competing with you and can’t let you be good at something without being better themselves.”

Other than physical attributes and personality, other users expressed the following reasons as relationship deal-breakers:

  1. Parking in a disabled parking spot;
  2. Spending too much time on phones; and
  3. Temper tantrums.

See: Kate Darvall, “’I am a kinky guy, I’m not giving that up’: From bad breath to being bad in bed, men and women reveal their most intimate relationship deal breakers”, Daily Mail Australia, 10 December 2016

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I frequently have clients asked me about “unreasonable behaviour divorce examples”.

There are many reasons which one can use to file for divorce based on unreasonable behaviour Singapore. The above points mentioned by Reddit users are frequently used “unreasonable behaviour divorce examples”.

A number of my clients will also use reasons such as:

  1. Verbal/ physical abuse by their spouse;
  2. Improper association with another person (which may or may not constitute adultery);
  3. Lack of communication/ emotional neglect; and
  4. Lack of financial support.

See: Section 95 of Women’s Charter (Singapore)

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