PR Status of Foreigners in Singapore after Divorce

Many Singaporeans are now married to foreigners. Some of these foreigners are PRs in Singapore while others are on a long term visit pass. What will happen to the PR status of foreigners in Singapore after divorce? American woman offered US citizenship through marriage Recently, it was reported that an American woman invited bids for … Read more

Preventing Parental Child Abduction Singapore

What can be done to prevent parental child abduction Singapore? At the Family Justice Courts work plan seminar held on 20 February 2017, Judicial Commissioner Valerie Thean said the Family Justice Courts would be exploring “stop order legislation” with the various ministries and agencies in 2017. 4 in 10 divorce cases in Singapore last year … Read more

Trailing Expat Spouses in Singapore- Can their Dependant’s Passes be Cancelled?

Expat divorce Singapore Emily’s (not her real name) Dependant’s Pass (DP) was cancelled by her spouse a month before she was due to appear in Court in November 2016 for a maintenance trial at the Family Justice Courts. She was handed a 4-week deadline to leave Singapore and her daughter who is schooling in Singapore. … Read more

Fewer Foreign Brides in Singapore

There are fewer foreign brides in Singapore. 4,828 Singapore men married a non-resident wife in 2015. This is the lowest number since 2005. In 2005, the number was 5,611. 17% of all marriages in Singapore involved a Singaporean groom and a non-resident bride. In 2005, the figure was 24%. What caused the decline in number … Read more

More Singaporean Women Marrying Foreign Men

In 2015, 1,622 Singaporean women married a non-Singaporean groom. This is a 39% increase from the number in 2005. More Singaporean women have married foreign men over the last 10 years. The foreign grooms tend to be professionals from different parts of the world. According to sociologists, marriage counsellors and solemnisers, this is the result … Read more

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