Definition of Women’s Charter Adultery

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have had many clients who asked me what falls within the ambit of Women’s Charter adultery. To prove Women’s Charter adultery, you would have to show that your spouse voluntarily had sexual intercourse with someone else and that you find it intolerable to live with your spouse because … Read more

Man Allows Girlfriend to Sleep Around! Learn More About Extramarital Affairs in Singapore today!

One of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce in Singapore involves extramarital affairs in Singapore. Most people cannot stand sharing their partners with someone else. “Freedom” There is however a man from the UK who has an unbelievable tolerance of affairs. Adam Gillet allows his make-up artist girlfriend to have sex with anyone she … Read more

Woman Had Affair With Her Husband! Catch a Cheating Spouse in Singapore

How do you catch a cheating spouse in Singapore? Pam (not her real name) suspected that her husband was having an affair but was not able to prove it. She had married her husband Dan (not his real name) for more than 20 years. Dan was a playboy even in their dating days. However, Pam … Read more

Husband Carried On An Affair At Home! Cheating Husbands Singapore

As a divorce lawyer Singapore, I hear about stories about cheating husbands Singapore. However, one story that I read stood out from the rest. Moving in of Lena Mary (not her real name) was married young and she had her first child at 21. One day in 2004, her husband Zach (not his real name) … Read more

US Couple Claimed Swinging Helped Their Marriage

I have not come across any clients who are into swinging in Singapore. How does marriage work for couples who are into swinging? A married couple from Texas are into swinging. Jackie and John Melfi, both 52 years old, frequently have sex with other partners, attend swingers’ events and even invite other partners to join … Read more

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