Forgiveness in Marriage

Is forgiveness in marriage desirable? A study shows that forgiveness in marriage is likely to lead to negative behaviours being repeated. 135 newlyweds were told to keep daily diaries showing how they interacted with each other. They were supposed to record the “negative” things did by their partners. Those who forgave their spouses were twice … Read more

Best Revenge for Infidelity- Don’t take revenge with chilli peppers!

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, it is almost inevitable for some clients who were cheated on to ask me about the best revenge for infidelity. As they say, the best revenge for infidelity is to live well. Whatever it is, never resort to physical violence to get back at your spouse who cheated on … Read more

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Many of my clients ask me about the signs of a cheating spouse. I do not profess to be a marriage guru. Neither am I an expert in catching cheating spouses. I have, however, read extensively on signs of a cheating spouse. Having done so many divorce cases in my career, I have had many … Read more

S95(3)(a) of the Women’s Charter

If you are looking to file for divorce on the basis of your spouse’s adultery, you may wish to have a look at Section 95(3)(a) of the Women’s Charter. What does Section 95(3)(a) of the Women’s Charter say? Under Section 95(3)(a) of the Women’s Charter, the Court shall not hold that the marriage have broken … Read more

The Wedding Ring Effect- Fact or Myth?

Have you heard of the wedding ring effect? The wedding ring effect is “the idea that simply by wearing a wedding ring a man is somehow imbued with a host of desirable characteristics”. Basically, those who are in a relationship are seen as “road-tested”. They are deemed to have at least some “romantically desirable attributes” … Read more

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