Wong Li Lin’s Experience as Single Mother in Singapore

Most Singaporeans would have heard of the name Wong Li Lin who made her name in popular local dramas such as Triple Nine. She divorced in 2013 and is a single mum to 2 children. Wong recently wrote an article on her experience as a single mother in Singapore. Statistics from the 2014 Ministry of … Read more

British Father Banned Texting Daughter

A man in London who is separated from his wife has failed to reverse an order which stops him from sending text messages to his 12-year-old daughter. In addition, the man was also not allowed to provide his daughter with a hand phone. The order was made by a judge (Mrs Justice Parker) after private … Read more

Happiness from Parenthood- Case of Custody Care and Control of the Minor Child

Does having a child make one happier? A research paper titled “The Origin of Happiness” was recently published. Professor Andrew Clark and Professor Richard Layard compared data from the UK, US, Germany and Australia. They found that the “positive glow of parenthood” only lasted for around 12 months, after which there was no improvement in … Read more

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