Supervised Access Singapore- When is it appropriate?

Is it true that mothers will “surely” get care and control of minor children in Singapore after the divorce? Will the access of fathers be restricted- i.e. will fathers be limited to supervised access Singapore? Do all mothers get care and control of their children? I think it is important to clarify that not all … Read more

Making an Application under the Guardianship of Infants Act?

You may be thinking of making an application to gain care and control of/ access to your child under the Guardianship of Infants Act Singapore if: You are going through a separation/ divorce; Your spouse has left with your child; or Your spouse has denied you access to your child. In my years of practice, … Read more

Access to Child after Divorce Singapore

Many of my clients who do not have care and control of their child are concerned about the issue on access to child after divorce Singapore. This is natural. No one wants to lose their child after the divorce. Access to Child after Divorce Singapore It is impossible to cut off a parent from a … Read more

Joint Custody in Singapore- Effective Co-Parenting

What does it mean to have joint custody in Singapore? Custody refers to the right to make major decisions, including those relating to education, healthcare and religion, for your child. Joint Custody in Singapore Joint custody in Singapore is the default position adopted by the Courts. This means that parents will jointly make major decisions … Read more

Children in Between Programme Singapore – Initiative by the MSF

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have witnessed how divorces affect children. Children may be greatly affected if they are close to both parents, but forced to take sides. This is one of the reasons why the Ministry of Social and Family Development started the Children in Between Programme Singapore. Case study The case … Read more

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