Supervised Access Singapore- When is it appropriate?

Is it true that mothers will “surely” get care and control of minor children in Singapore after the divorce? Will the access of fathers be restricted- i.e. will fathers be limited to supervised access Singapore?

Do all mothers get care and control of their children?

I think it is important to clarify that not all mothers in Singapore have care and control of their children. The welfare of children is of paramount importance to the Court. If you have been the primary care-giver of your children throughout the marriage and you have done a good job, there is little reason for the Court to change the arrangement after the divorce.

Having said that, many mothers do get care and control of their children because they are much more involved than the fathers.

According to Humanitas Global Development, “nowhere in the world does men’s involvement in caregiving match that of women, in spite of women comprising 40 per cent of the workforce.”


Will fathers be limited to supervised access Singapore?

In any case, if the mother were to have care and control of the children, will the father be limited to supervised access Singapore?

In some cases, it may be necessary for fathers to have supervised access Singapore. For instance, if the child is an infant and the father is unable to care for the child on his own, supervised access Singapore may be necessary. Or if the father is proven to have abused the child.

Having said that, many fathers in Singapore (and for that matter, many parents) are awarded unsupervised access to their children. This may not be a bad thing.

Many fathers want to spend more time with the children. The International Men and Gender Equality Survey shows that most fathers (61% to 77%, depending on the country) are inclined to work less if they could spend more time with their children.

Many mothers, even while they were married, have concerns that their partners are not handing the children properly. There is what author Anne-Marie Slaughter called “presumed superiority” in the domestic realm.

However, studies show that men can offer much in terms of care-giving and nurturing. When some fathers do things their way, they may open up new possibilities.

See: Diana Ser, “Daddy knows best?”, Today, 22 July 2017

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I am not for or against supervised access Singapore. I am for the welfare and interest of the child.

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