Mistress and Married Man

What happens when a wife catches a mistress and married man together?

Viral Video Showing Wife, a Mistress and Married Man

A shocking video showing two Chinese women beating up a man in public was posted on Weibo on 10 August 2017.

In the video, the man who was half-naked, was repeatedly smacked on his back by one of the women (his wife) who went to strip him off his pants.

The man attempted to fight back but continued to be beaten up by his wife. The man’s alleged mistress later joined in. The wife and the alleged mistress joined forces in beating up the man in the video. At one point, the man was held up by the alleged mistress while the wife beat up the husband using a wooden chair.

Onlookers laughed at what transpired before them.

The man was later stripped of his red boxers.

No background information was provided and it seems like no one knew what really happened prior to the public humiliation.

I wouldn’t second-guess what happened between the 3 but clearly, anger can get the better of someone who has been cheated on!

See: “How dare you! Scorned wife smacks her half-naked husband with a wooden chair after ‘catching him having an affair… and his mistress joins in on the beating”, Mail Online, 11 August 2017

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