Desertion Divorce Cases

Once in a while, I come across desertion divorce cases. Most divorces in Singapore proceed on the reasons of unreasonable behaviour, separation and adultery. Desertion divorce cases are rare.

Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, if your spouse has deserted you for a continuous period of 2 years immediately prior to the filing of the divorce writ, you can file for divorce based on the ground that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Desertion divorce cases usually happen when one spouse “runs” away without telling the other. The spouse who remains has no way of locating the runaway spouse.

Usually, divorce papers would have to be handed to the other party by hand (personal service). If your spouse has “run away” and you do not know where he/ she is, you will not be able to serve the divorce papers on him by hand. You may then have to make an application to Court to dispense with service. Once the order is given, you are then permitted to proceed with the divorce.

Case study

Many years ago, Pops was one of the most active heroin dealers in the US. Pops started using heroin at the age of 15. He would go to any extent to get his hands on the drugs. Despite what happened in his life, he got married and adopted his wife’s children. Despite having a family, Pops continued to use drugs. Eventually, Pops’ wife asked him to choose between her and drugs. Pops then abandoned his wife and fell into a downward spiral for the next 30 years.

See: June Rivers, “Husband Vanishes Without A Trace. 30 Years Later, He Comes Back To Reveal Chilling Double Life”, Little Things

Pops’ situation is extreme. Not many of you would go through what his wife went through- abandonment for 30 years- and not file for divorce.

However, it is a classic desertion divorce case. Pops’ wife has every right to file for divorce using the reason of desertion, if she were in Singapore. Her husband left her without a trace. There was no way that she could reach him. He had abandoned her and left no trace for 30 years.

The Court will likely grant the divorce based on Pops’ desertion.

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