Child Protection Specialist Centre Singapore

If you are a witness to a child abuse incident in Singapore, you should report the incident to a Child Protection Specialist Centre Singapore.

Each Child Protection Specialist Centre Singapore receives referrals from the MSF Child Protection Services to support families and children.

Role of Child Protection Specialist Centre Singapore

They help to create a safe environment for both parents and children through the development of appropriate safety plans. Each Child Protection Specialist Centre Singapore works with families to empower parents and caregivers with parenting strategies and skills and link them up with other community resources.

By reporting suspected child abuse cases to a Child Protection Specialist Centre Singapore, you can do your part in preventing a tragedy from happening.

Recently, I came across the case of an Arizona woman who left her 17-month-old daughter to die in the desert. Ashley Denise Attson, 23, put the child in a stroller and left her in the desert for more than 4 days. During this period, Attson met friends for ice-cream and even posted on Facebook!

When she did return, the poor baby was dead. 2 days later, Attson returned for her daughter’s body, put it in a trash bag and left it in an animal hole.

In sentencing Attson for a 20-year sentence, Judge David Campbell called the act an “intentional, cold-hearted, horrendous killing of an innocent child”. Attson was convicted of second-degree murder.

See: “Mother sentenced to 20 years’ jail for leaving daughter to die in Arizona desert”, Channel News Asia, 2 August 2017

Attson’s case is an isolated and extreme one. However, you never know if such a tragedy will come true and it is good to take preventive steps.

There are various initiatives from the Government (including Child Protection Specialist Centre Singapore) to counter the threat of child abuse.

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