Physical Torture by Husband

How should one deal with physical torture by husband?

Over the course of one week, Gabbe Rowland, 28, was injected with heroin against her will, raped by her ex-boyfriend (Justin Mustafa) and forced to perform a sex act on a dog.

Rowland later escaped and reported Mustafa who received a 6-year jail term.

Rowland had connected with Mustafa on Facebook in 2010. At that time, Mustafa was convicted for filming his ex-girlfriend in the nude without her consent. He informed Rowland that he had made a sex tape with his ex but after they broke up, she was so angry that she made up the story. Rowland was impressed with Mustafa’s “honesty” and stood by him while he was in jail. After his release, Rowland became pregnant. Initially, Mustafa was happy. However, he later accused her of being unfaithful. The couple broke up in May 2013 before getting back together when Rowland thought that she was pregnant. Mustafa changed when he realised that Rowland was not pregnant.

Sometime in June 2013, Mustafa picked Rowland up and demanded that she gave him his arm. Mustafa then injected Rowland with heroin and continued doing so over the next few days.

On a separate occasion, Mustafa brought Rowland to the woods and raped her. On yet another occasion, Mustafa forced Rowland to strip and have oral sex with his dog.

Rowland was tortured for a week. Now, she works in a doctor’s office and speaks about her experience so that others know how to deal with physical torture by husband and domestic abuse.

See: Erica Tempesta, “‘He tortured me for a week’: Woman, 28, reveals horrific details about how her jealous boyfriend injected her with heroin, raped her, and forced her to perform a sex act on his DOG after accusing her of cheating”,, 6 March 2017

How should one deal with physical torture by husband?

If you are a victim of physical torture by husband, the first thing to do is to make a police report, followed by a detailed medical examination.

You should then make an application for personal protection order.

The Family Justice Courts are able to make a range of protection orders and a breach of existing protection orders will result in penalties for the offender.

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